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You put the odds of success in your favour when you have a team led by certified physicians from the American Board Of Obesity Medicine (ABOM). They work with you to achieve your weight loss goals.
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Do I need a referral to be seen?

We encourage you to discuss your weight management and lifestyle goals with your family doctor, however it is not required to have a referral.

How do I book my first intake appointment?

We recommend calling us so that we can take all the information over the phone that is required to book your appointment. Our phone number is 204-233-9477

Do I qualify for your services?

This will be assessed during your Intake appointment with the Clinical Assistant and Physician. Generally speaking most Clients qualify to get their Assessment Report even if they may not qualify for other aspects of our services.

How long should I expect to work with your Doctors?

There is no end point to your ability to access our doctors and other professionals. While we can’t take the place of your family physician we are here to help support your lifestyle modification journey for as long as you feel you need our support.

Who are the Licensed Partners that you work with?

We currently have a Registered Dietitian, a Social Worker and a Certified Exercise Physiologist.

Tell me more about the Physicians that are part of your team?

We have Physicians from the fields of Obesity Medicine, Family and Emergency Medicine, Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation, Cardiac Stress Testing & EKG Interpretation, Addiction Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery (conditions involving the musculoskeletal system), Internal Medicine, Smoking Cessation and Psychiatry.

Are your services covered by Manitoba Health?

All of the appointments with Physicians on our team are covered by Manitoba Health. Some services are not covered by Manitoba Health, however, we are set up for direct billing to most insurance companies.

Do you direct bill to insurance companies?

We can direct bill to most insurance companies, depending on the company. Although you may have coverage for our services, a lot of insurance companies will not let us bill directly to them. Please inquire with our staff at your intake appointment regarding this.

What can I expect in terms of Results?

Every Client is different. We don’t focus on the number on the scale. We focus on maximizing your physical and mental health because that is what matters

Our goal is to help Clients change their Lifestyle. We understand that losing weight is a key concern for most Clients. Most of our Clients have seen a decrease in their weight. In addition to losing weight, other changes experienced by our clients have included:

– Dramatic increase in energy and sense of wellness
– Improvement in sleeping patterns
– Improvement in mood
– Enhanced results from exercise
– Optimized digestion
– Reduction in emotional eating episodes
– A drastic boost in confidence!

What is the cost of the program(s) offered by your Licensed Partners?

The cost depends on your individual goals. We recommend you book in for the intake assessment appointment to determine if the program(s) offered by our Social Worker and Dietitian are a fit for you.

Tell me about the MDLS Weekly Support Group?

We have heard our clients and our research has demonstrated that group meetings with shared experiences and expertise by our allied health team is the best way to optimize a healthy lifestyle including weight management.  Our Support group meets weekly on Thursdays at 7pm via Zoom. the cost of the program is determined using a Sliding Scale model.  Cost of the support group will be based on your notice of assessment or other financial information.

Themes per month:

Week 1- Mindful Eating  

Week 2- Physical Activity

Week 3- A chat with a Dietitian 

 Week 4-  Tips, tricks and Open discussion

What Our Clients Are Saying

Over 1500 pounds lost since September 2019

I no longer have any urges to eat take-out food, my pain level has dropped to a more manageable number, I’m no longer pre-diabetic, I also never feel hungry, I’ve got way more energy and I’m happy I’m not depressed anymore so it’s totally changed my life for the better in every aspect...oh, and I’m in smaller clothes.

"I changed my habits, started avoiding sugar traps, read labels, watched what I ate, when I ate...I’ve lost 40+ pounds in 10 months"

“I was a huge carb and sugar eater.  Now I am aware of what I am eating. Also, my portions are smaller.  I have a more positive relationship with my body, a better acceptance of my body image.”

“We felt the 1 to 1 sessions were so supportive and offered great ideas.  THe instructors were non-judgemental and so positive, understanding, and encouraging.  The weekly handout info sheets and homework broke things down into small compartments and made the change and transition gradual.”

“For me, this program has been life-changing and the outcome of losing 48 lbs in 9 weeks mind-blowing.”

Transformative Health Care is Our Mission

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