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You put the odds of success in your favour when you have a team led by certified physicians from the American Board Of Obesity Medicine (ABOM). They work with you to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Dr. Ian S Burron

Dr. Ian S.Burron holds a Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) from the University of Manitoba. Dr. Burron is certified by the Canadian College of Family Physicians in both Family and Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Burron completed a diploma in addiction medicine through the British Columbia Centre on Substance Abuse and is one of only 3 physicians in the province of Manitoba to be Board Certified in Obesity Medicine by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. 

As a former practicing physiotherapist Dr. Burron understands the importance of exercise in the prevention and management of chronic disease/obesity. Dr. Burron has extensive experience in exercise assessment and prescription and has performed over 1000 exercise treadmill tests as a practicing physician in the Cardiology Department at Selkirk Regional Health Centre. Dr. Burron is passionate about helping patients with lifestyle modification including diet and exercise for the management of body weight, chronic disease, mental health, and addiction. 
CredentialsIan Burron,  BMR(PT), MD, CCFP (EM). Dip. ABOM. Dip. Addiction Medicine.

Fields of Practice: Obesity Medicine, Family and Emergency Medicine, Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation, Cardiac Stress Testing & EKG Interpretation, Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Kaitlin Cyr

Dr. Kaitlin Cyr received her Doctorate of Medicine and Baccalaureate of Nursing from the University of Manitoba. She is of Metis ancestry and a member of the Indigenous Physicians of Canada (IPAC). Since graduating, Dr. Cyr has been employed with Northern Regional Health Authority and has been practicing in Thompson, Gillam and most recently in the public health sector managing latent tuberculosis in the North.

To compliment her medical background Dr. Cyr has also received training in functional fitness by completing her Crossfit Level 1. Dr. Cyr utilizes proper nutrition, resistance training, yoga and meditation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is committed to helping her clients make lifestyle changes to help them reach their weight loss goals.

 Credentials: BScBN, MD, CCFP

Fields of Practice: Family and Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine


Dr. Sawa

Dr. Sawa has completed various degrees from the University of Manitoba and has earned her Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (physical therapy), Master of Science, Bachelor Science in Medicine, and Doctor of Medicine.
Her expertise in anatomy was reflected in her role as an instructor at the University of Manitoba from 2007-2015. It is there where Dr. Sawa honed her great understanding of the intricate relationship muscles, joints and peripheral nerves.
Dr. Sawa has a special interest in musculoskeletal disorders and sport medicine, and has been previously employed within the fitness and exercise industry, working with healthy individuals on prevention through exercise, as well as working through rehabilitation programs including cardiac rehab, pulmonary rehab, stroke and neurological rehabilitation. Dr. Sawa’s most recent training includes concussion management and joint injections.
CredentialsDr. Sawa,  BMR(PT), MD, BPE, BS, MSMED

Dr. Edward Tan

Dr. Edward Tan is a Family Physician who has been practicing for the past 8 years primarily in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. He graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2010 with a Doctor of Medicine as well as a Bachelor of Science in Medicine. He completed his Family Medicine training in 2012 and obtained his Certificate of Added Competency in Emergency Medicine in 2016. He is currently the Chief of Staff of Portage District General Hospital as well as the Regional Emergency Medicine Lead for Southern Health Sante Sud. He is heavily involved in medical education in his roles as the Enhanced Skills Program Director for Family Medicine as well as acting as a primary preceptor in the Portage la Prairie residency training program. 
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease” – World Health Organization. As a primary care physician, Dr Tan understands the complexity of chronic disease management and the barriers patients face when it comes to lifestyle changes and caring for oneself. He is excited to be a part of the MD Lifestyle Solutions multidisciplinary team who will motivate and help patients achieve their health goals without relying only on conventional medications. As a former Provincial Champion athlete he continues to engage in regular physical activity and promotes the healthy lifestyle that he recommends to his patients.   
CredentialsMD, B.Sc Med, CCFP(EM)

Fields of Practice: Family Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Cardiac Stress Testing & EKG Interpretation

What Our Clients Are Saying

Over 1500 pounds lost since September 2019

I no longer have any urges to eat take-out food, my pain level has dropped to a more manageable number, I’m no longer pre-diabetic, I also never feel hungry, I’ve got way more energy and I’m happy I’m not depressed anymore so it’s totally changed my life for the better in every aspect...oh, and I’m in smaller clothes.

"I changed my habits, started avoiding sugar traps, read labels, watched what I ate, when I ate...I’ve lost 40+ pounds in 10 months"

“I was a huge carb and sugar eater.  Now I am aware of what I am eating. Also, my portions are smaller.  I have a more positive relationship with my body, a better acceptance of my body image.”

“We felt the 1 to 1 sessions were so supportive and offered great ideas.  THe instructors were non-judgemental and so positive, understanding, and encouraging.  The weekly handout info sheets and homework broke things down into small compartments and made the change and transition gradual.”

“For me, this program has been life-changing and the outcome of losing 48 lbs in 9 weeks mind-blowing.”

Transformative Health Care is Our Mission

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